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At the California Adryenn Cantor, CFLS, AAML, Partner HCP, we are trained in collaborative law. This is a court-free, litigation-free, team approach to resolving a divorce. In a collaborative divorce, each spouse has a specially trained lawyer on his or her side. Other team members may include a mental health professional or coaches for the parties and, if needed, for their child, and a neutral financial expert to assist with quantifying the marital estate. An agreement is made at the beginning of the process that a resolution must be reached collaboratively. If not, the parties must essentially restart the process with different lawyers to handle the litigation. This is a strong incentive to all involved to make the collaboration work.

Why Try Collaborative Law?

Divorce litigation is a costly and time-consuming process. Judges must be paid. Courtrooms are not immediately available. In many cases, collaborative divorce allows both parties to minimize the cost and time that goes into the divorce process.

While there may be cost and time savings, these are not the most important benefit of collaborative law. For many, the benefit lies in the collaboration itself. Working together to reach an outcome tends to be a much more positive experience than fighting against each other and letting a judge make the final decision. It strengthens relationships, rather than destroying them, which is a positive step, particularly when there are children involved and you and your former spouse will have to continue to interact and work together.

Collaborative law is not the only option for alternative dispute resolution. Depending on the specifics of your divorce case, another method such as cooperative law or family law mediation may make more sense.

Cooperative Law Is Another Option

Cooperative law is similar in many ways to collaborative law. However, it does not involve mental health professionals or coaches. Furthermore, if an agreement is not reached, there is no need to start over. The parties and their cooperative attorneys can ask the court for assistance in resolving the case if necessary.

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