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According to California law, what is known in other states as divorce is actually called dissolution of marriage. It is still commonly referred to as divorce. Ultimately, regardless of what it is called, the goal is the same: to end the marriage in the fairest manner possible.

The Myth of the Knock-Down, Drag-Out Divorce Battle

In movies, on TV and in books, divorce is almost always portrayed as a knock-down, drag-out battle between husband and wife. In reality, only an extremely small percentage of marriages end this way. You can get divorced with compassion and care. A win-win situation is possible, provided you have an experienced lawyer on your side who will work to make it happen.

At the Adryenn Cantor, CFLS, AAML, Partner HCP, we are prepared to handle divorce cases of all types. If yours is one of the few that require a more aggressive approach, such as a high-asset divorce, you will benefit from our almost 40 years of experience and the trusted reputation we have earned in front of judges in San Diego area. If your case can be resolved amicably, you will benefit from our knowledge of family law mediation, collaborative law and cooperative law.

We handle all aspects of uncontested and contested divorce cases, including:

We can also assist with post-judgment modifications.

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