San Diego Family Law Litigation Attorney

At the Adryenn Cantor, CFLS, AAML, Partner HCP, we believe in litigation with integrity. If all the alternatives have been explored and litigation is the appropriate means of resolving a divorce or another family law dispute, we are ready and able to move forward with this approach.

The vast majority of family law cases settle. Only a small percentage of cases continue through the litigation process to a full trial. However, we believe that a lawyer must be prepared for this possibility. We build cases with the strength to be argued in front of a judge. When we must go the distance, we go armed not only with almost 40 years of experience but also with the trusted reputation we have earned in the courtrooms of San Diego area.

How Complex Is Your Case?

One of the factors that makes a case more likely to require litigation and, ultimately, an appearance in front of a judge, is its level of complexity. High-asset divorce cases can be complex, and we have extensive experience litigating and trying cases involving multimillion-dollar estates. We know how to address difficult-to-value businesses and other assets, thereby protecting your interests in the asset division phase of the divorce.

Not everything is clear-cut in California family law. Perhaps your case involves an area of family law that is particularly gray. When there is no black and white, or when substantial amounts of money are at stake, it becomes particularly important to have an experienced attorney on your side.

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