"The day I met Adryenn, I made it clear that I did not trust the court system and I knew nothing about family law. I told her I needed someone I can trust to do the right thing for my children regardless of what I might think I want. I was expecting a 50% split of custody at best, and I certainly didn't believe that a single father stood much of a chance for a favorable award in family court. But Adryenn found the facts in my case to be so compelling that she was able to convince the court that I should get full physical custody of my children. I believe this is a remarkable achievement for anyone representing a single father, especially since the mother had only allowed for 10% visitation of my boys for nearly a decade. Thanks to Adryenn, my sons now have stable home, and their self-esteem and performance at school have improved immensely"

Greg Smith, DCSS, Client on Contested Custody trial

"Adryenn is the consummate professional: She was firm but not confrontational with opposing counsel, always looking for the best way to resolve the matter rather than prolong it. She not only addressed my legal needs, but provided empathy and emotional support during a very difficult time. She was always accessible and responsive. Throughout the process, I always felt that I was in the most competent and trusted hands, and I am deeply grateful for her representation and support, which resulted in an extremely satisfactory and timely resolution of my divorce."

Lewis Rubin, MD, International Medical Consultant

"When my husband left me, I had no family members or friends who could advise me as to what to expect with the daunting experience known as divorce. The only thing we knew was that I needed a lawyer. After interviewing a few prospective candidates, I met Adryenn Cantor, CFLS, AAML, Partner HCP and immediately I realized that she would not only be my lawyer but she would also serve as my guide and my protector. At times she literally carried me through the emotionally difficult process of dissolving my marriage. Her dynamic understanding of the law was expertly balanced with a keen sense of patience and compassion for my personal situation. She always had my best interest at heart and she continuously upheld a quiet confidence that I would survive this tragedy and become a whole person again. Though I recommend divorce to no one, if it must be experienced, make sure you have Adryenn Cantor, CFLS, AAML, Partner HCP on your side."

Michelle Mooney, Client on Collaborative Law case

"My situation was a bit unique. My divorce started in 2005. I had four attorneys (in three years) who repeatedly told me that everything was "moving along". I was no closer to having my divorce final than I was when I started. Actually, my previous attorneys made things worse! After three years of bad advice, I came horrifyingly close to losing custody of my then 7 year old daughter. By spring of 2008, I had pretty much lost all hope of keeping my daughter. I was referred to Adryenn, and from the first conversation I had with her, my hope was restored. She put in hours of hard work and never once did she make me feel like a "client". She listened to what I had to say and I knew she wanted what was best for me and my family. She fought as if it were her own daughter she was in jeopardy of losing. We had to endure a two day trial and she held my hand through the entire ordeal. She took all of the curve balls that opposing counsel threw at her in stride. The final outcome... WE WON! My victory was definitely Adryenn's victory as well. Without her by my side, I would not have my little girl today. She is a no nonsense attorney who pushes all of the unnecessary bickering aside and deals with what is important."

Lana Ramos, Client on Contested Custody trial

"Adryenn brings an estimable combination of commitment, creativity, persistence, determination and compassion to her work. These qualities, in combination with her many years of experience and her insistence on excellence and ethical practice makes her an attorney who can be relied upon and trusted."

Robert A. Simon, Ph.D., Clinical and Forensic Psychology

"Adryenn has the wonderful combination of great knowledge of the law, excellent people skills and genuine caring for her clients' well being. She is smart, responsive and nice. I have been part of Adryenn's clients' divorce team on many cases and look forward to doing so again. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adryenn to anyone needing quality divorce counsel."

Thea Glazer, Glazer Financial Advisors

"From my vantage point as a forensic accountant serving "AC" in six recent family law cases, she is special. Special in that she combines an in-depth knowledge of the law with an empathy for her clients which is second to none. "AC" is not combative with opposing counsel for the sake of pure antagonism, rather she sets her goals and works diligently to achieve in a focused manner. And, in my experience, she achieves her goals for her clients in a high percentage of cases. Highly recommended and well respected by family law judges."

James T. Schaefer, Schaefer & Company CPA